A New Location

After a happy time on the wordpress hosted platform, the time has come for a little more control of my online identity. This means that from now I’ll be posting over at http://yeknaa.co.uk – same thoughts, just a different location.


A series on writing, developing a style, and editing (not by me).

It seems as though what inspires me to write, is abstinence. So when I do write, then it’s about writing or my lack thereof. For a while now I’ve been feeling the urge to write something. I’ve been so busy with my head down working, that I’ve not had the time to really indulge in anything outside of my day job. I’ve not been reading, or looking outside my little window. Yet those are just the activities which add the most value to my role at Orange Bus. Somethings changed. I’ve suddenly found (read made) the time to do other things.

It was from doing those other things that I stumbled upon Jacob Kaplan-Moss’ writing. Something he seems to be doing a lot more of now, than he used to. Currently he’s writing a really good series of articles on “Writing great documentation“. I’ve found the piece on editing, to be of greatest value. Possibly because it’s my weakest area. I could definitely use an editor for my writing, or failing that, at least employ some of the techniques he mentions for self-editing.

I’ve not taken all of his advice, in editing this piece, but I have at least taken the time out to edit, re-edit, and look at it in a place other than the place where I wrote it.

British Touring Cars Championship Media Day

Kicking about Rockingham circuit testing out Orange Bus’s new deployment of Kyte TV’s live broadcasting technology. As sponsors of Tempus Sport, we’ve developed a new concept of streaming live pit video and interviews with the team and drivers (Harry Vaulkhard). Today it’s the media day and we’re testing the kit, and the team’s testing the car.

Check out Tempus Sport BTCC, take a look at the new website we’re working on, and the footage we’ve captured today, and we’ll see everybody @ Tempus Sport on April 5th 2009 for the BTCC season opener.

Here’s a few pics of the day so far.

Too busy to write and read?

Seems like that’s been the case! I don’t think I’ve posted once this year, nor have I been keeping up with my feed reading addiction, and now I’m afraid to open up the reader. I think what I’ll have to do is call this post the first of the year, and what a well though out post it is. Then open up my reader (NetNewsWire), and mark them all as read. That should alleviate the burden of having too much to read and do. I’ll take a guess that in marking them all as read, not much will change. Apart from I’ll feel a little better, and a little lighter!

Educating clients to say yes…

My day job as a Director at Orange Bus, a digital web agency, involves a lot of communication with clients and a fair amount of setting and managing expectations. If you’re in anyway involved in managing, building or delivering client projects then you could do a lot worse than spend 35 mins watching this video on how to engage your clients and get them saying yes!

The number 4

New @ Orange Bus, Kristian has posted 4 things on 6 subjects. I like to distill everything to 3’s (as that’s all my mind can cope with), but to conform here goes my 4’s:


1. Name 4 jobs I have had:

  • Director @ Orange Bus
  • Mad Scientist @ IBM – (Hursley Laboratories)
  • Shelf Stacker @ the company formerly known as Safeway’s
  • Paper Boy – Grahams – Corbridge

2. 4 movies I could watch again:

  • Le Grand Bleu
  • Taxi 1 or 2 – Jon Luc Besson (again)
  • Night Watch then Day Watch
  • Point Break

3. Name 4 places I have lived:

  • Corbridge
  • Leeds
  • Southampton
  • Alnwick

4. Name four tv shows I like:

  • Scrubs
  • Prison Break
  • Peep Show
  • Dragons Den

5. Four places I have been on vacation:

  • Verbier (Switzerland)
  • Lima (Peru)
  • St Cloud (USA)
  • Barcelona (Spain)

6. Four web sites I visit every day:

  • The BBC
  • Techcrunch
  • .. thats it.

At first when I saw the 4 things I thought that’s not a bad idea. But way too many fillers – 4 places you’ve lived, 4 places you’ve been on vacation… They really say nothing much about you (as long as you have 4). 4 Movies that says’ a lot about you, 4 TV show’s. Same! There’s plenty of other 4 or 3 things that reveal plenty about you, perhaps the question should have probed a bit deeper…?


Brilliant re-incarnation of those famous Budweiser ads.